Why choose a Specialised Textiles Member

Specialised Textiles Association members:

  • Abide by an Australian Industry Code of Ethics
  • Employ young apprentices and Australians across a wide range of demographics
  • Fabricate products to Australian Standards which often exceed rest of the world standards
  • Offer greater value for money for Australian made products for Australian conditions.
  • Can customise a fabric solution to specific needs, in quick turnaround times
  • Are bound by Australia’s consumer Law
  • Compete for National Industry Awards, and regularly win International Industry awards
  • Offer fast and innovative solutions with proven performance
  • Are located in Australia
  • Regularly engage other trades for further Australian economic benefits. Eg Engineers, Electricians, Designers, Riggers and Installers
  • Cover a wide range of textile applications and a member network sure to offer a solution for any challenge. No job is too big, too small, or too hard



Award winning projects fabricated by Specialised Textiles Association members

Take look at the projects recognised by the textiles indusry as being the best in their field.