Award for Excellence 2019, Automotive/Motor Trimming

The purpose of this project was to put the icing on the cake of an extremely long-term project that the customer had been planning for over 45 years: complete restoration of interior trimming in a 1937 Ford five-window coupé. Panel and paint restoration had been carried out to an extremely high standard and our interior had to complement and enhance the very high standards expected by the owners and builder of the car. The customer’s request was to match exactly he original trim and raise the standard of workmanship from factory to concourse. The uniqueness of this project is all OEM matching materials were sourced in Australia to fully replicate the original materials used in the factory. At the start of the project the owner handed us a roll of English wool headlining felt that he purchased in 1972 for this project. The outside of the roll was rotten and had been attacked by silver fish or moths, so half a metre of fabric was lost. The challenge was to have enough material to do the headlining and sun visors out of the customer’s material. The mission was achieved, but only just scraped in. It was fantastic to see the joy when the customer saw his headlining material actually in his car. After many years of love and dedication on this beautiful restoration the owners will be enjoying many more years with their much loved project, before they pass on the family heirloom.

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