Award for Excellence 2019, Marine Trimming Interior

Complete redesign and new interior for a Success Craft ski boat

A full new interior for ski boat “Cop This”.

Manufactured in Pacifica vinyl with Eduro foam, the ski boat was designed to give a clean modern feel whilst still being functional and comfortable. The new interior complemented the fully re-built engine of the boat getting the kids and grandkids back out on the water to enjoy.

When the owner of a ski boat had 700 hours on the clock decided that it was time for a shiny new engine, this meant it was also time for complete refurb on all the internal fishes as well - new carpet and a full new interior as the old one was stained and falling apart.

The clients were a retired couple that were giving the whole boat a re-vamp after enjoying many years of waterskiing themselves and with their children. They wanted the grandkids to experience the same amount of joy that they did. A full new interior was the last thing to tick off before getting the boat back on the water.

The boat had been very well used and the interior was stained and falling apart when it arrived at the Stitch Trim workshop.  New seat bases and backs were required as well as all new foams and the new foams were molded to suit the design of the seats. The driver’s and observer’s seats were re-designed to give them a more modern look and feel.  At the customer’s request, a “Swirly” design was implemented with the use of 3 colors. The previous interior was white with blue highlights to reflect the exterior of the boat. However, the white vinyl and light carpet in the boat was very badly stained from red dirt present at the waterskiing dam. The owners still wanted to match the exterior of the boat but didn’t want colors that would show up the dirt. At this point a suggestion was made from Stitch Trim: to go for a dark grey carpet and a slightly lighter grey vinyl to complement the blues. Initally, there was a slight hesitation by the owner to go for the suggested colours, and whilst they were not entirely convinced to begin with, they said they would leave it in the hands of the professionals at Stitch Trim.

Once the refurb had been completed, the customers could not believe it was their boat! They were especially impressed with the color choice and design of the pattern and left incredibly happy with their “new” boat.


Project Stats

  • Winner of 2019 Award for Excellence in the category of: Marine Trimming Interior
  • The entire project took 55 hours to complete
  • Products used: Pacifica vinyl with Eduro foam
  • Fabric Supplier: Hamlins Accessories
  • Component Supplier: The Nolan Group


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