Award for Excellence 2018, Tension Structures (Coated Fabrics) 250sqm to 2000sqm

The project was to provide an unusual open waterproof space for the junior section of the school, 20 metres in diameter, and the client approved the conic
design. From the ground up this project was tricky. Footings designs and levels were all completed prior to other works, which meant the set-outs had
to be perfect. Having the posts on a rack added to the design issues to ensure that the perimeter beam fitted perfectly. Patterning of the sail required it to be
checked by three different companies. The sail fabrication was a long process and the end result is testament to the fabricators. A 100-foot crane was used
to lift the canopy into place, as there was no access to the area. The clients were overwhelmed by the finished product and have since commissioned
further work.


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