Award for Excellence 2018, Automotive and Motor Trimming

The client had not been successful in obtaining an award for his existing upholstery and was getting negative reviews from the judges in the shows that
he was entering. The brief was to create an interior that would uplift the look of this beautiful show car and give him his best opportunity to receive an
award for his interior. The uniqueness of the job was due to it being a one of a kind refurbishment of the front and rear seats, front and rear door trims, rear
parcel tray and boot linings, which needed to be created to a high quality show standard on a limited budget. In the client’s most recent show, ‘Propa’
was awarded a top four placing in the Elite Section at the Red Centre Nats. Although he didn’t win Best Interior, the client says the interior changes and
design had certainly contributed to gaining such a prestigious placing.


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