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Cool ideas to refresh your pool

If your old pool surface is looking tired or stained or you have a cracked or leaking pool, there is no better solution than a vinyl membrane. Durable, flexible and affordable, a vinyl membrane is the perfect new waterproof interior for old swimming pools!

While often thought of in relation to portable pools, vinyl is a proven interior finish for concrete and fibreglass pools too. They can be made to any size and any shape – steps, benches and deep ends can all be built into the finished membrane.

Able to stretch and flex without risk of chipping or cracking, vinyl membranes are particularly suited to pools that have cracked and where ground movement is an issue.

A vinyl membrane is also ideal when structural changes are required during a pool renovation. Pool too deep, or you need some added steps or ledges, no problem. These can often cause waterproofing issues with a rendered interior, but not with a vinyl membrane, as the vinyl is one piece, completely waterproof and seals the entire pool surface.

The vinyl membrane is custom-made to fit the pool perfectly. Precise measurements are taken of the pool interior and the vinyl is fully manufactured in a quality controlled factory, then delivered on-site, ready for installation and your pool re-filled with a brand new low maintenance interior! The vinyl is thicker than 15 layers of paint and is soft and gentle on the skin.

Available in a range colours and patterns, including pearlescent effects, vinyl looks great and is a smart way to renovate and old crack and leaking pools.