The Australian industry leading the world in textile fabrication


The Australian industry leading the world in Textile Fabrication

The specialised textiles industry is #80yearsstrong, with this year marking the Specialised Textiles Association’s 80th Jubilee. In reaching this milestone we can look back and be inspired by all the triumphs and developments achieved over 80 years within the Australian textiles industry.

The #80yearsstrong campaign is an initiative developed to promote Australian manufacturing within the specialised textiles industry. The industry encompasses a variety of suppliers and fabricators that make up the marine, automotive, blinds and awnings, shade sails, liners, covers, window furnishings, tarps, flags, banners, camping and recreational industries of Australia.

This campaign celebrates all individuals and businesses who explored new frontiers, challenged set ways and ideated new innovations that shaped the way our industry is today. Motivated by pioneering manufacturing, creative design and high standards of production, our industry has and will continue to be an Australian industry leading the world in textile fabrication.

In our efforts to highlight the strength of our industry, our aim is to empower you to do the same. Whether you are a member of the association, a member of the industry or a consumer, we encourage you to share your journey in the industry featuring the hashtag #80yearsstrong in celebration of Australian textile fabrication.

We have been here for 80 years and with the strength and pride towards our Australian manufactured textile products, we look forward to supporting the industry for at least 80 years more.

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