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Specialised Textiles
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Category 7: Blinds & Awnings (internal and external) - Commercial

Special Commendation: Morley Canvas

Project name: Aqwa   

Location: Hillarys WA

Fabric name used in project: Sunbrella and Ziptrack

Fabric Supplier: Nolans

Component Supplier: Nolans

Please describe the project specifications?

Utilising the large wooden poles we were tasked in completing a roof and blind system to enclose the area, we had many limitations due to the clients unique list of needs and the area we needed to cover, we started with making the panels ziptrack friendly by getting press bent metal made up and powder coated to give us a square face for the ziptrack to fix to. the next challenge was minimising the sail like effect of only having 3 sides and the roof covered right on the beach we came to the decision as the client wanted the blinds to come to 2400 high but also requiring printing which limited us to a 2m cloth that we would stop the blinds 400 from the base allowing the wind to pass under the blinds.the client having built his own roof metal work the next challenge was mating up the top of the blinds with the roof that was not at all consistent and also required panels to be printed. this was achieved by using sail track and shaping up onsite with finished panels. and then to complete the instalment we fitted a roof over the whole lot blocking out most of the light that was on the face of the fishtank

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client had installed a ne fish tank and required a way of blocking the amount of light that was reflected onto the glass so it was easier to see the fish, the client also wanted artwork on the panels

What is unique or complex about the project?

Quite a challenging project from round wooden poles to filling in panels to the roof that was out of whack. we initially started this job as the roof was getting and and installed and after 4 different designs it was finally up and ready to go making the instalment and fabrication constantly change

What were the results of this project?

We can now use the area with no glare from the sun bringing the fish tank to life and making it a ice outdoor area